Back Flow Prevention: Installation, Testing and Commissioning

Back flow prevention involves installing a device that stops back-flow, preventing drinking water being cross-contaminated by any connecting plumbing on your property. Gen 3 Trade Services have over 10 years of experience in installing back-flow prevention devices and take extra care to ensure your friends, family and employees don’t fall victim to cross-contamination, as well as making sure all council regulations are followed.

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Back Flow Installation:

We’re experts at installing back flow prevention devices and we understand how important the safety of your loved ones and employees is, and how vital it is to prevent their exposure to unsafe chemicals and fluids. We install one-way valve prevention devices of the highest quality to keep you confident in having consistent water pressure and safe potable water for a long time.

You’ll find it necessary to have a back-flow prevention device installed when your property has a potentially polluted fluid source, such as a vehicle inspection bay or chemical injection zone, into your main drinking water supply. Examples of properties that need back flow prevention devices include:

  • Vehicle workshops
  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Irrigated Areas

Back Flow Testing:

Per the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2002, testable back-flow prevention devices must be inspected by a licensed plumber every year after the device has been registered with the local council. You can trust Gen 3 Trade Services to fulfil your legal obligations with due diligence, whilst identifying and correcting any issues that could potentially contaminate your drinking water or do damage to any other plumbing components. The results of the testing will be forwarded to your local council when necessary.

Back Flow Commissioning:

We’ll properly test your back-flow prevention device in accordance with relevant legislation requirements upon installation of your device and assist you in the council registration process. For more information on council requirements regarding back-flow prevention device commissioning and testing, please visit the relevant Moreton Bay and Brisbane City council pages or give us a call to discuss whether you need a water prevention device installed on your property.

No Call Out Fee

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