Blocked Drains

Gen 3 Trade Services unclog blocked drains in Brisbane homes and properties. We have an expert team of qualified plumbers and we provide prompt and professional service, and who can remove blockages from any bathroom, kitchen or laundry sink or drain. If the blockage is being caused by a larger issue, such as a cracked drain that has become overgrown, then we can also replace the drain completely.

Clogged drains can prevent you from using your home’s plumbing facilities which we understand is a huge inconvenience; if you need to have a drain cleared then give us a call on Yates Plumbing: 0437 827 502 today. Our professionals can safely remove the blockage and restore your drains to proper working condition.

Slow-flowing or clogged drains can be caused by several different things including collapsed pipes, roots, cracked or broken pipes as well as clogs that are caused by a backlog of hair, grease or other matter. At Gen 3 Trade Services, we have all the tools and equipment required to clear your drain out, no matter what is causing the blockage. Our team use a 5,000 PSI high-pressure jet system to remove most drain blockages – this is state-of-the-art equipment that significantly reduces the risk of damage to the drain compared to other methods.

Once we have cleared the blockage from the drain we also offer an optional but recommended CCTV drain camera service – this allows us to see if the blockage was caused by a larger problem such as over-grown roots or broken/damaged drains that will need to be replaced.

Emergency Plumbing Services:

Our emergency and after-hours plumbing service is ideal for anyone who’s blocked or clogged drain is preventing them from using their home’s plumbing facilities. The service is available 24/7, give us a call on Yates Plumbing: 0437 827 502 and we’ll send someone straight out.

Book an Obligation-Free Quote

Gen 3 Trade Services  don’t charge call out fees – so give us a call today to arrange an obligation-free quote for our blocked drain repair services. Call Yates Plumbing: 0437 827 502.