Commercial Installations and Maintenance Services: Plumbing and Gas

Plumbing & Gas Co provide a range of different commercial plumbing and gas fitting services to businesses all throughout Brisbane. What attracts businesses to Plumbing & Gas Co is our prompt, reliable, professional service and very high standard of workmanship at competitive prices. Our promise to businesses is that we will add value to your business.

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Commercial Plumbing Services:

Plumbing & Gas Co has many years of experience in commercial plumbing, particularly in providing all plumbing services in respect of commercial fit-outs, up-grades and repair of existing plumbing at commercial or business properties. We have several active plumbing maintenance contracts with various property management and strata management companies throughout Brisbane which means that we have a very good understanding of the needs associated with those retained to manage commercial as well as residential buildings.

Commercial Gas Fitting Services:

We provide commercial gas fitting services to commercial kitchens and restaurants. Our services include the installation, servicing and repairs of all gas appliances including stoves, grills, ovens, deep fryers and any other high-end commercial cook ware, as well as installing automatic shut-off systems.

We also install bayonet outlets for school and university science laboratories.

Commercial Plumbing and Gas Fitting Services

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