LPG Installation Services in Brisbane

Gen 3 Trade Services provide professional LPG installation services in Brisbane and surrounding areas. We have been working in the industry for over 10 years now and we have developed a process and skills that enables us to get your new system installed professionally and efficiently, without any issues. If you are considering upgrading to an LPG gas system, please give us a call today on Yates Plumbing: 0437 827 502 to organise a free installation quote.

We also provide gas installation certificates for all our LPG installs – this is a legal requirement and verifies that the work meets Australian standards. You will not be able to have your gas bottles delivered or replaced without this certification, and you may also find that your insurance company requires a copy of it as well.

What is an LPG Gas Installation?

An LPG installation is the regulator that goes on the wall where your cylinders will sit as well as the pig-tails that plug into the gas bottles. Whereas natural gas systems have to be connected using a meter on the front of you house, LPG systems are more flexible because you can place them anywhere in the front or back yard, as long as it meets Australian standards.

What are the Benefits of Gas?

The main benefit of gas is that it is generally more economical to use; it also provides instant heat that is precise and controllable. In addition to being cheaper to run and more convenient to use, it is also one of the most environmentally-friendly fossil fuels. It is also worth noting that modern appliances have built-in safety features which makes gas a safe and clean option.

WARNING: It is illegal to carry out any gas work without a license from the Department of Natural Resource (Energy and Petroleum). To ensure your peace of mind and the safety of your family, always ask to see your contractor’s license. And never attempt to work on gas lines or appliances yourself.

Brisbane LPG Gas Installation Services

Get in touch with Gen 3 Trade Services to book a LPG installation with our professional gas fitters. Call Yates Plumbing: 0437 827 502.